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Fixed With Forj

Wheelchair break grip fixed with Forj

Snow shovel repaired with Forj

Ski pole strap replaced with Forj

Forj wrapped around base of tree used for emergency tie down

Broken shovel handle fixed with Forj

Broken hockey stick fixed with Forj

Broken garden hose cart fixed with Forj

Frayed rope end fixed with Forj

Custom ski pole hand grips made with Forj

Broken headphones fixed with Forj

Shackle and pin made out of Forj

Strap made out of Forj

Broken leaf blower fixed with Forj

Strap made out of Forj

Arm splint, finger splint, and mouth guards made out of Forj

Custom knife handle grip made with Forj

Nut made out of Forj

Custom hammer handle grip made out of Forj

Splints, arm brace, ankle brace, first aid

Trek pole, paddle, shear pin for prop, tie downs, clips, custom hardware and fasteners 

Links, loops